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Architecture Overview
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Functionality that Will Actually be Delivered
SecuredUser provides a complete identity management solution that, thanks to its distinctive architecture, applies to all enterprise applications and takes radically less time, cost, and risk to deploy than other identity management technologies. SecuredUser:

  • Solves the deployment hurdles that have plagued other solutions, by adhering to three core design tenets of Span, Speed, and Scale.
  • Delivers the comprehensive Administration, Access, and Audit functionality needed for a complete identity governance system for complex IT environments.

The Architecture Difference

Span of Applicability
One system platform that spans all user applications, from web to legacy desktop. Realize a single, consistent administrative and auditing system, without the costs and risks associated with custom, in-field integration of multiple point products or loosely-coupled "suites."

Speed of Deployment
SecuredUser incorporates Virtual Directory, Learning Automation, and SmartClient technologies to enable the reuse of existing data repositories, to negate the need for directory consolidation, and to completely avoid having to make changes to the code of existing target applications. All this adds up to transparent, rapid, non-disruptive, and cost-effective deployment.

Scale of Implementation
SecuredUser's distributed architecture gives organizations full control over the roll-out strategy, enabling incremental deployment by user, by department, and by application. The end result is a high capacity, resilient implementation.

Comprehensive Business Functionality
For complete identity life cycle management, SecuredUser functionality covers all three areas of Administration, Access, and Audit Management.


  • Automated user account provisioning and de-provisioning, including workflow management.
  • User self-service, enabling users to set and administer their own personal profile, dramatically reducing help desk support costs.
  • Delegated administration, for efficient separation of duties to where they best belong.

Access Management

  • True, single sign-on across all applications, thereby ensuring that each user only needs to remember and manage one credential.
  • Strong authentication service, including one-time-password tokens and digital certificates issuance and support.
  • Centralized authorization management with group or role-based policy and static or dynamic entitlements.

Audit and Reporting

  • Reporting engine for support of compliance audit requests.
  • Protocol Support Module, a state machine mechanism that can be used to overlay application-level security and provide policy enforcement to applications that do not have such native functionality.