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A Complete Solution, Without "Perpetual Integration"
User provisioning. Configuration management. Security management. Allocation of bandwidth privileges. Policy enforcement. Comprehensive reporting. Network agnosticism. These are just a few of the many elements that form a complete ecosystem for pervasive mobile and secure data communications.

Unfortunately, your enterprise has been faced with a devil's choice when it comes to making it happen: either cobble together multiple products to span your heterogeneous environment and live with the prospect of "perpetual integration," or make use of whatever capabilities are built into the networking equipment they have, thereby risking "vendor lock" and management silos.

SecuredMobile offers a smarter alternative. Designed from inception to provide security and mobility administration in one integrated platform, SecuredMobile decouples these functions from the physical infrastructure, thereby making management a true network-wide utility.

Administration That's No Longer a Burden

Centralized, large scale user provisioning. SecuredMobile gives you the option of either user-initiated self-provisioning, administrator-driven provisioning, or a combination of the two. The Connection Client can be pulled or pushed to user devices in a zero-footprint configuration state. The Connection Client can be remotely maintained and troubleshot, and even includes its own messaging facility for communicating with the user when the need arises.

Radically simplified security. The automated capabilities of the Connection Client and the Certificate Authority deliver a highly secure alternative to complex, administration-intensive IPSec VPNs. User certificates, including guests, are automatically generated and installed at first use, and a new certificate is automatically obtained when the existing one nears expiration.

To each their own. As network owner, you can virtually partition the responsibilities for administration of groups of users and privileges. Delegated administrators will perceive themselves as having full control of their own SecuredMobile network, with all features and functions available in a segregated fashion.

User-centric bandwidth privileges. SecuredMobile enables administrators to allocate bandwidth on a per user basis. What's more, bandwidth privileges can be dynamically modified in response to priority events that may require some users to be given more or less access during a period of crisis.

Get the complete picture. SecuredMobile generates a rich set of connectivity and session data which can be mined for detailed reporting on system usage, performance, and non-repudiated records of network connections for compliance monitoring. This same data can also be used for billing purposes, whether for commercial services, or for determining cost allocation of network usage by different departments.