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Simple and Secure Everywhere.
SecuredMobile establishes a network security model that is independent of the network and edge devices, ensuring that strong authentication, encryption, and device policy management are consistent and efficiently managed across all networks.

The foundation of SecuredMobile's security is a built-in Certificate Authority that uses standards-based X.509v3 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), secure socket layer (SSL TLS), and secure tunneling techniques. But perhaps even more important than the recognized security value of PKI technology, SecuredMobile provides a management platform that makes the benefits of PKI fully and transparently available to user and administrator alike. Thanks to automated certificate management that requires no user intervention, all of the promised benefits of PKI are captured, without the management headaches that have typified other PKI deployments.

Strong Access Control
SecuredMobile controls access to your network through two-factor and two-way authentication. Using digital certificates issued to both the user and the infrastructure, every user strongly authenticates to the network. And, for added insurance, the network will do the same, ensuring that man-in-the-middle attacks are a thing of the past.

Unbreakable Privacy
SecuredMobile delivers unbreakable privacy by encrypting all user communications with the 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption algorithm as a system default. For maximum flexibility, the network administrator has the added option of setting the encryption level to 128-, 192- or 256-bit encryption on a per-user basis. And to make this security truly unbreakable, each data packet is encrypted with a cipher key that changes once per a specified time interval or with each communication session. With such "rolling keys," it is practically impossible for an unauthorized user to decipher and crack the user's communications.

Police the policies
With network access and network traffic locked down, SecuredMobile also extends to policing the device's integrity. With such capabilities as Configuration Compliance, Remote Configured Firewall, and Intrusion Detection with Automatic Quarantine, SecuredMobile continuously monitors that the user's device is compliant with company policies, and is not used as a launch pad for malicious attacks on the enterprise network. What's more, the user-centric model of SecuredMobile enables the enterprise to block and remediate a detected threat on an individual user level, rather than face the difficult decision of globally shutting down a network service when you can't find the source of the transgression.