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Security…Made Simple and Affordable
Security monitoring is the alarm system for your networks. Monitoring your infrastructure is often a complex and expensive undertaking, since you need to train staff to be able to respond 24 hours a day. Does this mean you have to forego the benefits of an intrusion detection system? Of course not.

Managed Security Services provide you with an expert, 24x7 extension of your own internal staff, and ultimately give you more control over your infrastructure than you ever had before. In the meantime, your own employees can focus on building your business, rather than worrying about intrusion attempts.

Your Assets Secured

Intrusion Detection Services With this service, we keep an eye on intrusion attempts to your infrastructure. Our systems protect yours, and our staff stays on the alert 24-hours-a-day so you can sleep at night.
Managed Firewalls We assist you in getting your firewall configured to provide the most security possible to your assets. We monitor your systems using your equipment.

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