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Knowing and managing who has access to information has never been more critical. Recent reforms in various laws governing many businesses have given rise to new IT challenges. For example, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 requires companies to strengthen the security of their financial data and transactions. You need an innovative way to provide enterprise control, a task that is complicated by years of application development and implemented often as silos of technology.

The Enterprise Edition of the Identiprise Suite gives you the tools you need to secure access to all corporate applications and ensure all individuals using them are authorized for access. The proprietary features of Identiprise Server facilitate rapid deployment, which saves you money.

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An Enterprise Identiprise Suite Deployment

The Identiprise Server, the core component of the Identiprise Suite, uses two important proprietary components: a powerful policy engine and Protocol Support Modules. Protocol Support Modules convert protocol specific semantics into information the policy engine uses to retrieve the ACL for the requested information asset. These components allow us to rapidly deploy the Identiprise Suite, securing your enterprise from the desktop to the mainframe and capturing the data you need to track access to key business information.


This edition of the Identiprise Suite was designed with enterprise scalability and broad platform support in mind.