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Technology has created new opportunities and new risks. You want to share information from silo applications to users, customers and other organizations. But where do you start and how can you be sure that your investments will give you a payback?

The Cost of Not Starting Off Right
By not taking a holistic view of your security requirements you risk fixing one problem while creating another. Did you know that:

  • Microsoft Active Directory® only works with Windows-based applications
  • Different tokens require different administrative policies
  • Many security policies are not enforced because of the complexities involved

Need to Take Action
Inaction creates risk for your organizations:
  • The cost of operating a help desk to resolve problems increases
  • Illegal access to information
  • Hackers may find it easy to access data
  • Complex technology complicates success, budget and timelines
  • Complicated new compliance issues do not get tracked

Strategy and Direction
We help your organization understand your current risks and investments and develop your ability to move them forward:

  • Identity and Access Management
    We review the tools and architecture that are in place today and help you understand how you can successfully implement enterprise wide identity and access management across the organization.

  • Defensive Security Strategies
    We review your ability to protect your information assets and develop strategies to build an architecture that protects you today and into the future.

  • Workable Security Policy
    Security policy is the cornerstone to successfully protecting your information. We assess your risk and create a policy that works.