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The Internal Network Risk Audit
Identiprise offers the Internal Network Risk Audit to help you assess your security and potential risks from within your network. This robust service verifies the devices on your network, and looks for security holes in your architecture. We provide you with concise and prioritized actions to be taken. Our service consists of four phases, the first two of which may occur concurrently:

Phase 1
Security Policy Review
In this phase, our consultants review your existing security policy against the needs of your business. We interview key stakeholders and employees to determine if policy is in line with standard security principles and the actual practices applied in your organization.
Phase 2
Network Discovery
Our experts use our standard methods and tools to discover all the devices in your network and note how they interact with each other. We develop network topology diagrams, which form the basis for the next two phases.
Phase 3
Preliminary Vulnerability Audit
We conduct an automated scan of all your network devices so we can better identify those which have a greater vulnerability to potential malicious attacks. We use the results of this scan to decide which devices should undergo a detailed audit in the final phase.
Phase 4
Detailed Vulnerability Audit
Our consultants utilize more detailed vulnerability assessment tools to probe for all weaknesses and to identify configuration problems. We report on any issues we find with your accounts and privilege settings, and the strength of your passwords.

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