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The External Network Risk Audit
Identiprise offers the External Network Risk Audit to help you understand the risk of malicious actions from an external source attempting to enter your network. With this service you will understand the scope of your risk. Our reports provide you with immediate action items.

A three phased approach:

Phase 1
Server Discovery Baseline
Our consultants do what a hacker would do if he were "casing the joint" and looking for vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. We gather information about your network from publicly available sources, then review it with you to determine accuracy.
Phase 2
Baseline Server Audit
Based on your unique requirements our experts use a robust and flexible methodology that incorporates multiple evaluation tools to view devices we should not be able to find. We evaluate the results to ensure they meet your current understanding of available devices.
Phase 3
Server Security Report
Many of our competitors simply provide the automatically-generated output from the tools they use to audit your systems. Our experts present our findings to you in an easy to understand report. We provide you with risk areas and give you easy to follow actions to improve your security.

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