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Auto Learn
Identiprise Suite detects the user’s application credentials, such as account name and password, and automatically adds it to the user’s Application Password Map (APM) the first time they log in to an Identiprise-protected resource.

Detailed Logging
Identiprise Suite logs access requests continuously, enabling the creation of sophisticated enterprise-wide reports for security office. Our integration team is available to build custom reports to your requirements.

Delegated Administration
The Identiprise Suite comes with a customizable Web interface that allows you to pass administration rights to the managers already responsible for granting access to applications in your organization.

Identiprise Suite
Components Defined
Identiprise Server This server can play multiple roles depending on your needs. It includes a powerful policy engine, Virtual Directory, and Protocol Support Modules.
Virtual Directory
(part of Identprise Server)
Virtual Directory, a directory aggregation mechanism, allows Identiprise Server to be deployed over a wide range of directory and database repositories. It works with any LDAP- or ODBC-based repository.
Protocol Support Modules
(part of Identiprise Server)
Protocol Support Modules (PSMs) are dynamically loaded, finite state machines that describe a protocol’s syntax and semantics. A PSM provides the mapping between the Identiprise Server policy engine and the application protocol. Since the protocol specific information is isolated to the PSM, Identiprise Server can be extended to support different applications simply by developing additional PSMs. Many PSMs for popular applications are provided with the Identiprise Suite.
Application Programming Interface The Identiprise API provides a wide-range of programming options including support for C-language on any Posix platform, Visual Basic, J2SE Pure Java, and .NET framework support (web services). The API consists of less than 50 interfaces, but provides access to all server capabilities.
SmartClient SmartClients provide connection interception, management, and monitoring capabilities for when users access legacy applications on your network. These components are installed directly onto the users' computers.
Integrated Login Service The Integrated Login Service is an optional client component that:
  • Is installed directly on users' computers.
  • Provides Windows Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA)- and Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)-compliant network authentication capabilities.
Smart Plug-ins Installed on Web servers, Smart Plug-ins facilitate communication between user requests from any computer browser to existing, Identiprise-protected Web applications.
Certificate Server The Identiprise Suite includes a Certificate Server, which provides the ability to generate public key certificates, because a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is required to enable secure access to Smart Plug-ins.
Administrative Console This component lets administrators can use to:
  • Configure Identiprise servers.
  • Create connection level access rules.
  • Monitor the status of Identiprise servers, as well as a variety of other system and network components.
Web Service The Identiprise Web Service contains three Web Services designed to let you extend the Identiprise Suite to integrate your applications with those of your trusted partners. You can do this by developing Web Services based on SOAP and the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).